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We have tried to answer all your queries in this page. If you are still not sure or want to know more about us and our dealings, feel free to call us or type your query in the chat box below.

We will be happy to help!

  • Why do I need a GST bill?
    GST bill provides an authentic & documented proof of transactions, minimizing chances of any hidden risks or any fraudulences. This also enables us to accept payment from any mode, like, online transfers, wallets, credit cards, digital payments, cash or any other legal means
  • Does tax make pre-owned bikes costlier?
    No, as per latest GST notification, the impact of tax is very nominal. Hence, it does not affect the end price to the customer. Rather, due to absolute transparency in the entire process, reasonable margin structure & economy of scale, our end price is 5-10% lesser than others.
  • Can I buy bike without bill from
    No. We do not sell bikes without a bill.
  • benifit to business houses having GST no.?
    Business houses having GST no. can take advantage of input GST, however, the rate of GST charged to registered customers may differ with unregistered one.
  • What are the various parameters on which the bikes are tested?
    Each bike is inspected on 125+ quality checkpoints that cover the following: Physical condition, that includes paint, dent etc. ECG (engine, clutch and gear) Other essential parts, including, lights, horn, shock absorber, electrical and mechanical accessories Paper works, including, RC, loan history (hypothecation), insurance and pending challans
  • Who conducts the inspection of the bikes?
    Our trained Auto Experts inspect the two-wheelers on 125+ quality checkpoints. They also verify mandatory documents. This report is maintained with us and a summary of this is visible on our portal as well.
  • What are parameters for rejecting a bike?
    The following observations in the inspection could lead to rejection: Unavailability of RC and test ride Pending challan payment Engine, transmissions, needs to be repaired or replaced Leakage of engine oil Black/blue/white smoke emission from the silencer Tampered meter condition
  • Do i need to interect with the previous owner?
    No, our business model is designed to provide assurance to both the party, buyer and seller. We maintain the privacy of our customers. However, in exceptional cases, details can be shared with government authorities.
  • Can i book a bike?
    Yes, you can by adding it to your cart and paying adjustable advance of Rs. 250. You can also call us on our helpline no. and book your bike.
  • How many test rides can i take?
    You can take test ride on unlimited bikes. However, your cart can have only 3 bikes booking at a time. You can remove a previously added bike and replace it with another.
  • Is my booking amount refundable if I don’t buy the bike?
    Yes, only if paid in cash. In case of online or Credit card transaction, this amount is non-refundable.
  • Your operations cover which all cities?
    At present, our services are available in Hyderabad. However, we will be adding other cities soon.
  • How can I share my feedback, complaints, suggestions?"
    You can register your complaints and suggestions by getting in touch with our dedicated Customer Grievance Department between 10 AM to 7 PM, 7 days a week on our hotline no. 9716308181 or drop us an email at You can escalate the matter to
  • How do I sell my bikes on your website?
    You can click on Sell Your Bike on our website homepage and fill up the form. Our team will get back to you and help you with the further process
  • Is my identity revealed to the buyer?
    No, your identity is kept confidential from the buyer, unless enquired by authorities.
  • Do I have to incur any cost for the vehicle inspection?Do I have to incur any cost for the vehicle inspection?
    No, you don’t need to incur any cost for the bikes inspection.
  • What are the mandatory documents needed to sell my bike?
    RC Booklet, Proof of Address and Proof of Residence are the mandatories. In case of hypothecation, NOC needs to be produced.
  • Can I exchange my bike with another used bike?
    Yes, you can upgrade by exchanging your old bike with another used bike.
  • How do you decide the right selling price for my bike?
    Autodealz best quote for your Bike is results of relevant data, including book value, condition, mileage (KM Done) & actual sales transactions, which are then analyzed and adjusted to account for seasonality and market trends.
  • Can I avail old bikes to new bikes exchange?
    Yes, you can avail old bikes to new bikes exchange
  • How will I receive the payment in an exchange deal?
    The price of the bike you sell will be adjusted with your new bike purchase.
  • Can I exchange a bike which is registered in another state?
    No, any bike that has been registered in another state will not be considered for sale
  • Are there any service charges for the sale of my vehicle?
    No, there are no service charges applicable for the sale of your vehicle
  • What does the warranty cover?
    Autodealz provides free 1 months service warranty on all bikes sold. The warranty covers components of engine and gear box to protect you against the cost of repair and replacement. However, you can extend the warranty up to 1 year by paying additional cost.
  • What is the validity of the Standard Service Warranty period?
    Term of the Standard Service Warranty period is 1 month from the date of commencement or 1000 km, whichever is earlier.
  • Do I need to make payment for repairs?
    For all parts covered under warranty, customers do not need to make a payment. However, for consumables like rubber, lubricants, gaskets etc., warranty is not applicable as per industry policy.
  • What all documents do I need to carry to the Autodealz Service Centre in order to claim warranty?
    You must carry the Purchase Invoice and the Service History Documents to the service center in order to claim warranty.
  • When can I get my bike back, after claiming the warranty?"
    Autodealz has the best turnaround time of 48 hours from the date of warranty claim. Though, it is also dependent on spare parts availability due to which this period can extend up to a week or two in exceptional cases.
  • Under what situations does the warranty get lapsed?
    Breaching any of the warranty terms and conditions or any form of tampering that results in malfunctioning of the engine or gearbox will result in the lapse of warranty.
  • What is the Gauranteed buy back promise by autodealz?
    Buy back promise gives the customer the assurance of buy back of the bike incase they wanted to selloff bike for upgrade or any other eventuality.
  • How the buy back value get calculated ?
    Buy back value get calculated on autodealz basic selling price net of GST & RTA expenses on actual invoice. with in 6 month from the date of purchase - Less 20% on basic price With in 1 year and more than 6 month - Less 30% on basic price if every thing is in order.
  • Is there any other terms & conditions?
    yes, for buy back bike should be in perfect running condition with all accessories. Autodealz reserves the right of buying and can deny in case bike condition or papers are not ok
  • Can buy back be used for exchange?
    Yes.. the above value can be used for settling
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